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 Strasser Donates to Hurricane Harvey
Posted by cher62 - 09-2-17 13:25 - 0 comments
Strasser Donates to Hurricane Harvey in Honor of Twitter Followers

Just as she did during Hurricane Katrina twelve years ago, Robin Strasser turned her time, attention, and money toward the victims of Hurricane Harvey, which overtook the Houston area this past week. Strasser, who has 17.4 thousand twitt more
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 HBD, Robin Strasser
Posted by cher62 - 05-7-16 18:02 - 0 comments
user posted image
A birthday is once a year. A DIVA is once in a lifetime.
Happy Birthday to Daytime Royalty Robin Strasser.

user posted imageTODAY is Robin Strasser's Birthday
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 Happy Birthday Jerry verDorn
Posted by cher62 - 11-23-15 12:29 - 0 comments
user posted image
user posted image
Photo from Emily, aka ees43

Birthplace: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Birthdate: November 23, 1949

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 Strasser Ends Tweeting
Posted by cher62 - 07-31-15 14:53 - 1 comments
UPDATE on 08152015: Strasser Returns to Twitterland
Strasser Decides to EXIT Twitter

user posted image
Photo by Steven Bergman

Robin Strasser tweeted her nearly 17, 000 fans that she planned to exit Twitter on 7/25. The Emmy award-winning actr more
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 Should Strasser Be Awarded Emmy for Lifetime Ach.?
Posted by cher62 - 07-17-15 14:36 - 0 comments
Should Robin Strasser's Decades on Daytime Dramas Be Recognized?

When it comes to Daytime Drama performers, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences(NATAS) has honored about ten actors with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. With some 50 years contribution to the field of the continuing dramas on Daytime television, I'd like to see the academy recognize Robin Strasser. In lasting legacy, she has left an i more
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