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If Walls Could Talk
Topic Started: May 24 2008, 09:58 AM (8,205 Views)
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If Walls Could Talk

Carlotta's Tales
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There is the saying that turnabout is fair play. As I watched the scenes with Clint and Nora last week, I couldn't help but wonder how Nora would feel if Clint were to leave and head to Carlotta's Diner after their disagreement about him getting information from Lindsay to save BE. Carlotta leaves Clint doubting his relationship with Nora after this friendly chat. (Clint enters the diner; Carlotta is serving customers at a table but looks up when Clint sits nearby. She walks over to him and pours coffee into a cup.)

Carlotta: Black, right?
Clint: Oh yeah. (He glimpses up at her.) Just a guess or do you remember that I take it that way?
Carlotta (smiles): I remember. It wasn't' that long ago when we dated.
Clint: That's not...
Carlotta (blushes): Huh? What? What were you talking about? I-I
Clint: Me stopping in here for breakfast with Nora. That's what I meant.
Carlotta: Nora. Oh, I'm sorry I thought.... Where is Nora?
Clint (frustrated look. Sighs.): Probably somewhere mud wrestling with Lindsay!
Carlotta: You're not happy about something between the two of them? (Slightly shakes her head and mutters.) I'm not surprised.
Clint: You're not?
Carlotta: It's not my affair. I'd better go.
Clint (touches her arm): No, you have something to say. I respect you and quite frankly, maybe I need the perspective of someone else.
Carlotta: Me?
Clint: Why not you? Look, I value your opinion.
Carlotta: You sure? (Clint raises his brow with a steady look.) All right. You may not like what I have to say.
Clint: And that has never stopped you.
Carlotta: True. Clint, I just ... this is a bad idea. I don't feel comfortable.
Clint: Carlotta I asked for your opinion.
Carlotta: Very well. I wonder if, if Nora will ever get past this obsession with Lindsay, especially now that, well, Lindsay and Bo are together.
Clint: Lindsay and Bo are living together. They aren't together except by court order that Lindsay live with Bo.
Carlotta (sits down to join him): And I heard Bo volunteered to have her live with him.
Clint: They are not romantically involved. But what does that have to do with me and Nora?
Carlotta: Nothing. Not if you want to be blind to it. (Sighs.)
Clint (looks annoyed): Blind to what?
Carlotta: Bo and Lindsay.
Clint: Carlotta you're confusing me!
Carlotta: I'm sure a woman would see things differently between Lindsay and Bo.
Clint: And what is it you see?
Carlotta: What Nora sees.
Clint: OK, whatever your point, Nora has every right to go after Lindsay for all that she's done to her! She has every right to hate the woman!
Carlotta: You really don't see it. Clint Buchanan, you're so headstrong and single minded at times.
Clint: I will admit stubborn at times but I'm nobody's fool, which is why I dumped Dorian.
Carlotta: I don't want to discuss you and Dorian. My point is, my point is does Nora have a right to be jealous of Lindsay (Clint repeats, "jealous of Lindsay?") and your brother's relationship when she is, when she is your girlfriend?
Clint: What?!
Carlotta: Clint...
Clint: That's not what's going on here!
Carlotta: Why are you dining alone with that look on your face and talking to me of all people instead of with Nora?
Clint: I am with you because I asked you to join me. And I'm angry, angry about something Nora doesn't accept about me, something I had to do for my company, Asa's company, which has everything to do with saving my family's legacy. And Lindsay was involved.
Carlotta (makes a face): Lindsay was involved and Nora couldn't think of anyone else including you? Am I right? You deserve better!
Clint: This feud with Lindsay goes back further than when Nora and I got involved with each other. I can't expect it to end over night.
Carlotta: And just who is the feud over Clint? (Clint stares at her.) Sounds to me like you're making excuses for Nora, believing what you want to believe and Nora isn't giving you much of a thought.
Clint: Nora cares about me.
Carlotta: Yes. Of course she does. Who am I to say otherwise?
Clint: I know that she cares about me.
Carlotta: I am sure that she does.
Clint: But?
Carlotta (shrugs): Clint maybe you should give more thought to what's really going on with Nora and if things are ever going to change with her and this crazy Lindsay obsession as long as Lindsay is involved with your brother. I mean, is it really about Lindsay or is Nora still ... (stands) I've said too much. Clint, you're a good man. It's too bad Nora is taking you for granted. Excuse me. (Carlotta leaves before Clint can stop her.)
Clint mutters, "Nora and my little brother?"

Um, Carlotta is just having an innocent conversation with a friend because she cares about him.... and Clint asked her what she thought.

Mother of the Bride
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Click on picture for video clip
of Dorian blackmailing Brody.

Dorian, Dorian, Dorian you are such a bitch sometimes and it is going to bite you in the ass. I thought the scenes from last week where Dorian blackmailed Brody into leaving town (he didn't) and encouraged Gigi to interrupt Adriana's wedding (she did) were vintage Dorian. She is sheer evilness these days, but thankfully Head Writer Ron Carlivati knows how to take some of the sting out her vicious bite by showing her mothering Langston and standing staunchly at Blair's side in crisis. It is what makes the character multi-dimensional and able to endure where others have failed as longtime villainnesses. And yeah, Robin Strasser is pretty good in the role. At any rate we know that if there are to be any victories for Dorian, the walls will soon tumble. I never worry for long. Dorian always manages to have the courage to pick herself up and proudly carry on.

One last request ... Can we get back to the BE story? And no I don't mean the wristslapping of Clint for getting information from Lindsay to save the family's business. No, I mean the real nitty gritty with Dorian showing her face at BE and being revealed as the woman behind the takeover attempts. And too, what of Jared and his fraud against the family? Say what? Did I hear correctly? Security allowed Dorian into the BE board room? Oh the drama! Stay tuned!
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It is the next day. Clint and Nora have had another argument in the early morning. She agrees to let him fight his enemies his way while she agrees to do the same by finding dirt on Lindsay and bringing her down. Later, Clint and Bo agree to put their differences aside and pledge a united front during the Board meeting later in the day. At Carlotta's Diner, Carlotta witnesses a snippy exchange between Lindsay and Nora before Lindsay leaves. Carlotta comes to Nora's booth.

Carlotta: Nora.
Nora: Oh hi Carlotta. Sorry. Distracted. You saw Lindsay.
Carlotta: Lindsay sure looked like the cat who swallowed the canary.
Nora: That woman is SO full of herself! She's got Bo snookered! I mean how many times, how many times is he going to keep on the blinders when it comes to Lindsay?! And now THAT woman has involved Clint in her shenanigans!
Carlotta: Lindsay and Clint were involved in something at BE?
Nora (looks surprised): No, yeah, I mean I can't discuss it. Why, what do you know?
Carlotta: Not much. Can I get you anything else?
Nora (looks suspicious): Carlotta, did Bo say something to you about Lindsay and BE?
Carlotta: No.
Nora: Well, I know it wasn't Lindsay. So Clint discussed business with you?
Carlotta: I am sorry I mentioned it.
Nora: Well sure. (long pause) Carlotta you do understand about me and Lindsay, don't you?
Carlotta: Enough.
Nora: Lindsay is insufferable! She's a murderer! I can go on and on!
Carlotta: You killed a man.
Nora: I, I, I that was different!
Carlotta: Yes. You hate Lindsay.
Nora: Why wouldn't I?
Carlotta: You hate Lindsay as much as Dorian hates Viki.
Nora: Now there's a comparison. Dorian has no reason to hate Viki. Dorian is a vengeful woman with nothing better to do than to make Viki's life a living hell. Viki has had to suffer her for years!
Carlotta: That simple.
Nora: What you don't agree?
Carlotta: I'm not saying that. Dorian knows how to be successful in her relationships with her enemies. Sometimes I think she thrives on being hated rather than loved. You put so much time into your hatred for Lindsay. How could there possibly be much time for Clint or am I wrong in assuming that's the person with whom you want the relationship? Excuse me, I've got work to do.
Nora frowns, stares as Carlotta leaves her.

Buchanan Mansion:
Clint: So, you and Lindsay are an item again?
Bo: You might say that.
Clint: Nora doesn't seem to like that very much.
Bo: Who cares? (Glances at his watch.) Clint we better get going here. (Begins to walk away.)
Clint: Bo (Bo stops) Nevermind.
Bo: What's on your mind big brother?
Clint: You are OK with me and Nora, right?
Bo: Am I OK? Sure. I thought we cleared the air on all that.
Clint: Yeah we did but.
Bo: Clint, maybe you should be asking yourself if you are OK with Nora and you being together.
Clint: Why don't I look like I'm OK? (Bo shrugs.) Nora and I are just fine. We're friends and on the way to being something more. You were married to her and then, it's the way things ended. Still that was between the two of you. (Bo frowns.) It has nothing to do with me and Nora.
Bo: It's over. It is still over. (Clint looks troubled.) Let's ride in to work together and go over business in the car. Deal?
Clint: Yeah, sure. (They leave.)
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It is day or so after the headlines concerning the takeover of Buchanan Enterprises by Dorian, the death of Nash Brennan and Adriana's huge fight with Dorian. Carlotta stops by to see Dorian at LaBoulaie.

Dorian (on her way to the door): Never mind, Elise! Or is it Elsie, um, Elvira? (She questions before opening the door.)
Carlotta: Dorian.
Dorian: Carlotta. (Steps back) Come in. (Carlotta enters and Dorian closes the door.) It is always a pleasure to see you.
Carlotta: And of course you too Dorian.
Dorian (stops in foyer): BUT judging from the look on your face, I assume this has to do with Adriana.
Carlotta: Amongst other things.
Dorian: Like BE? The death of poor Nash Brennan. (Dorian sighs and walks into the living room. Carlotta follows.)
Carlotta: Dorian, how could you do such a thing to a man you once cared about?
Dorian (at serving cart): You mean Clint?
Carlotta: Or maybe come to think of it, you did it because you still care. Whatever the case may be, it was ruthless and vindictive! Are you proud of yourself?
Dorian: It was personal. It was smart. I was thinking of the future of my girls. Can I get you something? (Carlotta shakes her head, flashes her hand with a look of disgust. Dorian pours from a bottle of water and then sits in front of Carlotta.) So, have you seen Adriana?
Carlotta: She stopped by the diner.
Dorian: And yet you want to discuss Clint?
Carlotta: You humiliated the man!
Dorian stands. "Do you see these marks on my neck?" Dorian exclaims with a caress of her neck. "CLINT put them there when he tried to choke me to death!"
Carlotta: Like … Manuel. I'm sorry. It is inexcusable. He had to be angry at all that you've done Dorian. Asa built that company with his bare hands.
Dorian: Still it gives him no right! (She takes her water and walks to the side of the room and sips it.) If he wants to take me on, he should be using his brain, like me. Fact is, he is angry that I outsmarted him, not only him but Bo and Nora.
Carlotta: Right. So, what are you going to do now that you are the new CEO of a business?
Dorian: I have a meeting tomorrow with the remaining shareholders to discuss the company's future. (Dorian returns to the sofa.)
Carlotta: Are you happy Dorian?
Dorian (shrugs): Why wouldn't I be?
Carlotta: Your ruthlessness and lies have cost you Adriana.
Dorian (tears up): What did she say to you? Carlotta, I swear, I had nothing to do with the note Rex read at the shareholder's meeting.
Carlotta: I don't know whether you're telling me the truth or if you've gotten so good at lying that you have deceived yourself into believing your lies.
Dorian: I love my daughter. Why, why do you think I sent her away to be raised by another family? WE both were a part of protecting her!
Carlotta: Adriana is going to Paris.
Dorian: What? What?! She can't leave!
Carlotta: She's already left. (Carlotta pulls a letter from her purse, gives it to a shocked Dorian.) She wanted me to give this to you.
Dorian: She couldn't even tell me good-bye in person?
Carlotta: She loves you. She is just very confused and angry right now. Rex left her and she blames you for ruining her happiness.

Dorian opens the letter. She gets upset as she reads it. Carlotta watches with a worried look. Dorian gasps and quickly refolds the letter and returns it to it’s envelop. She places it on the table and walks to her desk. Her back is to Carlotta. Carlotta approaches her and places her hand on Dorian's shoulder.

Carlotta: I'm sorry Dorian.
Dorian: Thank you. I'd like to be alone, please.
Carlotta: Are you sure?
Dorian turns and looks at her. She hugs her friend. "Thank you for bringing the letter to me."

Carlotta leaves. Dorian looks at the newspaper article that is on her desk. There is a headline ,"The King is Dead. Long Live the Queen," with her picture at the podium during the shareholder's meeting. Right below it is a picture of Nash in a stretcher alongside broken glass from the skylight. Dorian recalls Adriana's words that she would go as far away as possible like Cassie and Kelly and maybe one day, Langston.
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Carlotta is at the cash register and talking to her good friend, Freida Santiago, who is on the other side of the counter ringing up a sale of Carlotta's multi-colored arrangement of long-stemmed roses.

Carlotta: Luis OK? (She smells the flowers) These are beautiful!
Freida: Miss Cramer asked him to stay on at BE.
Carlotta: Er, CE.
Freida: CE. I am told most of the workers are remaining with CE. (Freida stops in conversation as Clint has walked into the florist shoppe. Carlotta notices and turns. Carlotta and Freida smile. He waves and is approaching them.)
Carlotta (mutters): Most of the workers are still there, except if their last name is Buchanan.
Clint: Well hello, ladies. (Carlotta replies, “Clint” while Freida responds, “Mr. Buchanan.”)
Clint (to Freida): How’s Luis?
Freida: Fine, Mr. Buchanan. He has decided to stay on at BE, uh, CE. What..ever.
Clint: Good decision. He should be close to retirement. I am sorry it has come to this for all involved.
Another customer enters the show. Frieda excuses herself while Clint admires Carlotta’s flowers.
Clint: I was thinking about getting some of those for Nora.
Carlotta: The two of you fighting again?
Clint: No, why?
Carlotta: Oh. I’m sorry that was presumptuous of me.
Clint: Actually, Nora has been very helpful to me and Bo with everything going on with Pa’s company. The flowers are a thank you.
Carlotta (grabbing her flowers and preparing to leave): I should go.
Clint: Did I upset you?
Carlotta: Upset me? No.
Clint: Go? You just seemed abrupt. Headed home or to the diner?
Carlotta: Home.
Clint: Hey, why don’t I walk ya?
Carlotta (smiles slightly): What about your flowers for Nora?
Clint: I’ll have them delivered to her office.
Frieda stops in conversation with her customer. Her mouth is agape as she watches Clint open the door for Carlotta and the two walk down the sidewalk.
As they walk, Clint and Carlotta are laughing about some story he shares with her from his cowboy time on the ranch in Texas.
Carlotta: That’s when life changed for you, huh?
Clint (sighs): Well yeah with that last visit. The reading of Pa’s will, discovering that I had a brother.
Carlotta: Kissing Nora.
Clint (stops): It was just a kiss. Dorian overreacted.
Carlotta: Yes. I think that she was surprised, hurt.
Clint: No reason for her to sleep with David. I made a mistake. I didn't sleep with Nora.
Carlotta: Not then.
Clint: Well.
Carlotta: Clint, we all make mistakes. It's important to admit them and apologize to the person you hurt. (Clint ponders and then smiles at her; he continues walking with her before they turn toward the sidewalk leading to her house. Carlotta invites him inside. He stays in the living room while she puts the flowers that she just purchased into a vase. Clint is looking at a picture of Carlotta’s husband before she returns to the room and interrupts him.)

“Diego, was a handsome man,” Carlotta remarks. She gives Clint lemonade and then he sits on the sofa. Clint takes a sip. “Freshly squeezed.” Carlotta is already in the kitchen again. She returns with the flowers. “Beautiful,” Clint says.

Carlotta: Yes they are. (She places them on a center table.)
Clint: Carlotta can I ask you something personal?
Carlotta: Sure.
Clint: You never really got serious with anyone, I mean, after Diego’s death?
Carlotta: I socialized, dated. We dated.
Clint (sips his lemonade): I haven’t had too much luck in that department.
Carlotta: Clint what happened with Dorian wasn’t your fault, not entirely.
Clint: You don’t even know what happened between the two of us.
Carlotta: No I don’t. But I know Dorian. I used to work for her.
Clint: And her daughter is your niece.
Carlotta: You want to talk about it?
Clint: No. Not really. We just didn’t work on the relationship the way that two people who love and care about each other should if they want to make it last.
Carlotta: And Nora? Do you want to make that relationship work?
Clint: Yes. (Sips his lemonade.)
Carlotta: Then, you are right. You have to work on it, Clint. I mean both people in the relationship will have to cherish it and work hard to preserve it.
Clint: Like you and Diego? (Clint's cell phone rings and he excuses himself as he answers it. He looks surprised at what he hears and next, he responses, "I guess that would be a congratulations then. OK. Yeah. Will see ya then at the office." Clint says good-bye to the caller and looks at Carlotta before telling her about the call.) Seems my brother has proposed to Lindsay.
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It's been weeks since Clint and Carlotta have seen each other. Lindsay and Bo never married after the wedding was interrupted by Nora, who had evidence of Lindsay faking her insanity, which landed her in the slammer. And too, Clint's ex-girlfriend Dallas is now in town and making Nora uncomfortable. But most notable on this day, Clint is at the diner, which was destroyed by a fire. Clint is careful with his steps and astonished at what he sees when entering the diner. Across from him, he observes Carlotta in deep conversation with Charlie.

Clint: Hello there.
Carlotta: Hello Clint, I'm very happy to see you!
Charlie: Clint.
Clint: I came to check up on you after hearing about the fire.
Carlotta: Cristian gave me your message. Thank you.
Clint: Maybe this isn't the best time to ask but I was concerned about your insurance coverage and such, if you're gonna be able to get this place up and running again.
Carlotta: Everything's fine.
Charlie: Yes, everything's fine. I'm gonna be working on the repair and remodeling of the diner.
Clint: Oh you are? (looks at Carlotta and then back at Charlie) So how's Viki?
Charlie: I don't know. I wasn't exactly invited to her going away party. Figured you maybe heard something through your daughters. Nothing?
Clint: No, I haven't. Natalie and I aren't... well, Jessica hasn't mentioned anything specific but she and her mother are close so I'm sure they've been in touch.
Charlie: Well, maybe you should check with Jessica about her mother. Excuse me. (Charlie walks away but remains in the diner.)
Clint's eyes follow him for brief moment before he looks at Carlotta. Clint asks, "What the hell's his problem?"
Carlotta: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Clint: Because I asked him about Viki?
Carlotta: You know that the two of them aren't together any more.
Clint: So he's free to see whomever he pleases.
Carlotta: But you aren't. Is that your point?
Clint: What?
Carlotta: You are still with Nora, aren't you?
Clint: I am -- very much so.
Carlotta: You could have fooled me. (She walks away and rejoins Charlie. Clint looks annoyed. He takes out his cell phone and makes a call.)
Clint (talking into the phone): Jared, you come to a decision about my offer young man? Good. (He glances at Carlotta and Charlie and he sees that Charlie is leaving.) A courier is delivering your plane ticket. What'd ya say to Natalie? Well, I guess you have a decision to make. (Hangs up as Carlotta is approaching.)
Carlotta: That didn't appear to be a pleasant conversation.
Clint: Not as pleasant as you and Charlie.
Carlotta: Clint, so that we are perfectly clear. Charlie and I are becoming friends and we will probably be nothing more than friends. The same is true of the two of us.
Clint: Carlotta, I didn't mean to suggest... (Carlotta raises a brow and stops him mid-sentence.) I'm not looking for anything romantic but I do value our friendship. I suppose I got a little bent outta shape because I've come to enjoy our little conversations. I'm sorry if I offended you.
Carlotta: Do you have a problem with Charlie?
Clint: Only that he and his bastard son made it possible for Dorian to steal my company.
Carlotta: Oh, I forgot about that. but really in all honesty, where do you take responsibility in what happened to your company?
Clint (looks angry): ME?!
A familiar voice calls, "Car---loootta!" and causes Clint and Carlotta to turn. Dorian stops in her tracks.
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cont'd from previous scene...

Clint (looks angry): Look what the buzzards drug in!?

Dorian: Rummaging through the rubble for something you can call your own now that Cramer Enterprises, formerly Buchanan Enterprises, is no longer yours or your family's?

Carlotta: Oh for Heaven's sake, you two grow up! Dorian can I help you?

Dorian: Well Carlotta I came to see if there is something I could do. (She looks around) Your beautiful diner is in shambles. I hope that you have the insurance to cover this?

Carlotta (looks at Clint and smiles): You sound like Clint. (Dorian makes a face; Clint looks ready to explode.) Yes, everything's fine Dorian. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some phone calls to make. (Dorian and Clint protest; Carlotta kisses Dorian's cheek as she passes her and makes her way outside the diner where she pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. She remains in view of Clint and Dorian through the diner window. Dorian and Clint look uncomfortable.)

Dorian: Well, I heard Dallas was in town.

Clint: So what?

Dorian: Must you have two women at your disposal at all times, just in case the first one proves to be of no use to you anymore?

Clint: That's pretty low coming from the tramp who couldn't wait to jump into the sack with her good-for-nothing gigolo ex in a house of mourning!

Dorian: Clint, you cheated on me first with Nora!

Clint: It appeared to me that you lost interest in me, lady, when you couldn't even give me the time of day once you had, now I understand what I didn't understand before--that you had your heart set on Langston.

Dorian: My wanting Langston had nothing to do with you!

Clint: No it didn't. Nothing had to do with me when it came to Langston.

Dorian (folds arms): I am going to adopt her.

Clint: I'm not surprised. You made up you mind that you wanted her a long time ago.

Dorian: It was with careful thought.

Clint: How's it going?

Dorian: These things come with complications, but no matter, I shall prevail!

Clint (clears throat, then steps close enough to her for her to feel his breath): You seem confident.

Dorian: I am confident.

Clint: And I am too. (He leans so that he whispers into her ear) I am confident that I'll get my company back.

Dorian (she moves to look him in the eye and sneers): Don't count on it. Bastard!

Clint says, "We'll see about that!" before he proceeds out the door. (He says goodbye to Carlotta, who reenters the diner.)

Carlotta: Well Dorian did you clear things up with Clint?

Dorian: Forget that rodeo clown! I need you like I've never needed you before!

Carlotta (worried look): What Dorian? Adriana?

Dorian: No wait, actually have you heard from Adriana, especially now that the lying two-timing gutter rat is making no secret of his affair with that tramp?!

Carlotta: I assume you mean Rex and Gigi? I haven't heard from my Adriana and it's not like her. I am a bit concerned about that as well.

Dorian: I don't know. Maybe it's for the best that she doesn't have to witness the happy couple. In the end, she will see that I was right about him all along and she will divorce him! She will be happy.

Carlotta: Why would she be happy Dorian? She loves him. What do you need?

Dorian: I need you to testify on my behalf in court. You know very well of my love for Langston. (Carlotta nods her head.) I wish to adopt her.

Carlotta (rushes to hug her): Oh Dorian that's wonderful!

Dorian (as Carlotta finishes the hug): Yes, yes, it is wonderful but then, then as I was in the midst of my darling Langston's adoption party, what should happen?

Carlotta: I don't know, what?

Dorian: A Mr. Ray Montez should happen!

Carlotta: Should I know him?

Dorian: Carlotta, he's Langston's so-called maternal uncle, who crashed MY party, dashed my dreams and raised Langston's hopes! Well my dear we were in shock and my poor Langston didn't know what to believe! I take that back. She believed his tales about her mother and that he is her uncle!

Carlotta: I can imagine. An uncle? Did she know of him?

Dorian: No. It's all very suspicious. And it's rather fortuitous that he is making an appearance at this time. The point is, he is contesting my adoption of his niece. He wants custody of Langston!

Carlotta: Dear God Dorian what are you going to do?

Dorian: I'm going to fight him, of course. Carlotta, I need you help.

Carlotta: Dorian, of course.

Dorian: I need you to support me in this.

Carlotta: I said that I would.

Dorian: OK, great! Carlotta, we have known each other for many, many years. We have stuck by each other during the best and the worst of times, as near sisters, in fact.

Carlotta: What do you want Dorian?

Dorian: Carlotta (sighs) I need to make sure that you are in my corner. I need you to tell the judge that I love Langston, just as I love my daughters and that my daughters, that my daughters love me, por favor.

Carlotta: Dorian (touches Dorian's shoulder) of course I will do what I can.

Dorian (caresses her friend's hand on her shoulder): Thank you. I will admit to you and no one else, that I am scared that I might lose Langston. Carlotta, I couldn't bear it.

Carlotta: I am so sorry Dorian. But I must ask you something.

Dorian (moves her hand away as Carlotta removes her hand): Yes?

Carlotta: I know that you love Langston. However, don't you think the judge will wonder why your biological daughters are not present to support this adoption of Langston?

Dorian has a look of concern.
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Buchanan Mansion

Nora: Look at me and tell me that you're not going to go through with this.

Clint looks at her and then his phone rings. It's Ray Montez.

(At the court house.)
Ray: I have been awarded custody. It is time for you to get things straight with that bitch!

Clint: You mean Dorian?

Ray: That look. She has murderous eyes. She’s behind bars. Contempt of court.

Clint (grins): Sorry I missed it. Good job. That means that she feels cornered and that means that she will be willing to negotiate. (Clint hangs up. He looks at Nora.) Ray's been awarded custody of Langston.

Nora: Dear God!

Clint: You don't want to know anything more.

Nora: Should I? I am still the DA.

Clint: I know.

Nora: Do you really know that Clint?

Clint: I’m not doing anything illegal, Nora. Unethical, yes. But not illegal. And, I’m dealing with Dorian.

Nora: You don’t think bribing the prison officials in Colombia for Ray’s release is illegal?

Clint: Nora, I’m doing this for the family! Now, I'm going into the study to make a call (Clint leaves the room.)

Nora remains in the room. She makes a phone call to her office.

Nora: Contact Plateau prison officials in Colombia and immigration services.

The Court House

Carlotta approaches Blair and Langston, who is distraught. Markko, Cole and Starr are behind them.

Carlotta: I’m sorry about all of this. I tried to help with my testimony in support of Dorian's adoption.

Blair: I know you did Carlotta and I am sure Dorian really appreciates it.

Carlotta (looking into Langston's eyes): Dorian may get carried away in her actions but she loves you, deeply. She wants you to be her daughter.

Langston: I love her, too, Mrs Vega. I just hope the judge releases her before my uncle takes me away.

(Ray is walking toward them. He has overheard their conversation.)

Blair (seeing Ray, clings to Langston): You get outta my sight and stay away from Langston!

Markko (is quickly angered and in front of Ray): You heard the lady! Back off.

Ray: As I told you in the courtroom. I promise you that I will take care of you in the way that Linda, your mother would have wanted me, too. Langston we are flesh and blood. No court of law, nothing on this earth can change that...not even her mujeres Cramer. (He looks at Blair and then turns to walk away. Carlotta grabs his arm.)

Carlotta: You are hurting a young girl you claim to love. Why?

Ray stares at her. He has a look of guilt. He looks at Langston and then walks away.

Carlotta: I don’t think that he is doing this because he wants to.

Markko: What do you mean?

Starr: Of course he wants to or he wouldn’t be doing it.

Carlotta: Maybe.

Llanview Jail Cell:

Dorian is curled up on the bed, her back is to the visitor who approaches.

Clint: Hello Dorian.

Dorian (slowly turns around): Clint.

Clint: How are you?

Dorian (looks confused): What, what are you doing here?

Clint: I heard about what happened in court today.

Dorian (is approaching him): Why would you care about me, Langston? (is now at the bars.)

Clint: You know it’s taken me all this time to realize how important Langston is to you. You’ve wanted her since even before the two of us broke up. In fact she became more important than I was in our relationship toward the end.

Dorian: What are you talking about and what does that have to do with Langston’s… Wait, wait… are you saying?

Clint: I’m saying that Ray Montez can go back to prison just as easily as he was released. You can keep Langston.

Dorian (moves closer to him): In exchange for what?

Clint: Buchanan Enterprises. My family’s company.

Dorian: You are willing to devastate a young girl by ripping her away from her real family and ruining her life (is getting upset) by giving her to this man, this man who is a stranger to her and making her go to another country! My God Clint! What’s happened to you?

Clint: You! You happened to me! You ripped my company away from our family, a company that Asa built from scratch with his bare hands!

Dorian: A company made vulnerable with his death. You were a sleep at the helm and I took it from you like any savvy business woman with information at her disposal. And for that, you take my daughter?!

Clint: That’s bullshit Dorian and you know it! You stole BE, caused Nash’s death and ruined Jessie’s life because I dumped you for Nora!

Dorian: I don’t get mad Clint. I get even. Still, a part of it was business. Is your ego so large you can’t admit to being outmaneuvered?

Clint (is angry): Hold’em or fold’em! We got a deal, lady?

Dorian turns her back and walks away. Clint is about to comment further, but instead he walks away. She turns around. Her look is one of anger and then sorrow.
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Blair shows up at the Police Station to pick up Dorian, who fills her in on what Clint has been up to with Ray. Dorian is putting on her jewelry and carefully looks around her as they continue to whisper.

Dorian (putting on her earrings before she signs a paper): We've got to get to Ray Montez.

Blair: And do what Dorian?

Dorian (as her and Blair walk toward the hallway): Nevermind. I've got a plan.

The elevator door opens.

Blair (folds her arms and remains outside the elevator while Dorian enters): I'm not going on this ride.

Dorian pulls Blair into the elevator.

Blair: God Dorian would you give it a rest?

Dorian: Press the button.

Blair (glares): You're standing right there. You press it!

Dorian reaches over her and presses the button to go down to the garage. "So do you want me to tell you about my plan or what?"

Blair: What are you going to put a hit out on this Montez fella? (She glimpses Dorian, who has her chin up and her mouth closed. The elevator stops, Blair questions, "Dorian? Nevermind!" They head toward the car.)

Dorian (as she sits in the passenger's seat and Blair starts the engine): You don't want to know my plan so we don't have to discuss it! We can just drop it!

Blair (is driving out of the parking garage): All right. Tell me.

Dorian: First, how's Langston?

Blair: She's safe. She's with Starr at LaBoulaie. But she's incredibly sad Dorian. Was Clint worth all this?

Dorian: What?

Blair: You could lose Langston if you don't lose your freedom in the process of trying to keep her and BE.

Dorian: CE. Whose side are you on, Blair?

Blair: Your side! Always.

Dorian: I won that company fair and square while Clint was asleep at the wheel! But do I get credit for being smart - no!

Blair; I give you credit, OK Dorian?

Dorian (talks over her): Don't tell me you wouldn't have loved stealing Asa's company from him while he was alive. And now--nevermind.

Blair: What?

Dorian: You're just different. It's like you've given up on fighting for what you want, your ambition.

Blair: Where'd that come from? I have kids, Dorian, and can't jeopardize the stability of my family.

Dorian: Like I'm doing with Langston, you mean?

Blair: From what you're telling me, you could lose her.

Dorian: Meaning I should give Clint back my company.

Blair: Well, I didn't say that.

Dorian: You couldn't bring yourself to speak the obvious way outta this. But what you fail to understand my dear is that I want it all.

Blair: Then you'd better be prepared to suffer the risk of losing it all.

Dorian glances at her niece with a fierce look that ends with a nuance of fear.

Buchanan Mansion

Clint is making a drink for Ray, who declines. Clint pours his bourbon and takes a sip. He then walks to the entry doors to the living room and closes them.

Ray: This Dorian Lord is a tough woman - FIERCE!

Clint: Vulnerable when it comes to her family.

Ray: She considers my niece her daughter already. My sister, my sister Linda would not be pleased with what I am about to do to her daughter.

Clint: I don't give a damn about your dead sister, Mr. Montez. (Ray looks angry) And if you care about you're freedom, you'll do whatever I ask of you.

Ray: I do not want to take this girl away from her family! You get that!

Clint: And do you get that I will call the authorities in Colombia if I have to. Dorian Lord stole my family's company away from me outta spite and evil vindictiveness. I will do whatever it takes to get it back. Dorian loves Langston. I have no doubt about that. She will not risk losing her, not even for a company or for me.

The doors to the living room open and Nora enters.

Clint (looks at Ray and then Nora): We're having a private meeting.

Nora: In my house. (Looks at Mr. Montez) It's not too late for you to leave and leave alone. Go back to Colombia!

Clint: Nora!

Ray: Why would I want to do that?

Nora: Because I alerted state officials, corrupt as they may be, as to the terms of your release and it is currently being investigated.

Clint: You did what?!

Ray: Wait a minute!

Nora: You don't have that minute, Mr. Montez!

Ray: Shit!

Clint: Nora stay the hell outta this!

Nora: Why because you said so? I don't agree with what you're doing Clint. And if you think I'm the type of woman to roll over and keep my mouth shut while you harm an innocent girl then you don't know me at all!

Ray (is irate and points finger a Clint): You need to get this under control! (Begins to pace.)

Clint: I'll just deny it all. You have no proof.

Nora: You're right. But no one there likes talk of an investigation.

Ray: I'm not going back to prison!

Nora: Then I'd suggest you pack your bags and disappear.

Clint: Get outta here Montez. Leave me alone with her!

Ray is sweating, hesitates before he leaves.

Clint: Nora, what are you doing?

Nora: What I have to do to maintain any self-respect.

Clint: Nora, what I am doing is for this family. (He moves closer, for Matthew.)

Nora: Clint, we'll go after Dorian some other way, not by using an innocent girl. What do you know about Mr. Montez?

Clint: I know that he loved his sister enough to never hurt her daughter.

Nora: Isn't it hurting her for you to tear her away from her family.

Clint: This is a high stakes deal. Dorian doesn't play it any other way.

Nora: We're not playing for poker chips at Asa's lodge over bourbon and cigars. We are talking about real people, real lives.

Clint: The people who work for BE are loyal employees with families. Forget the family legacy. The livelihoods of the people whose backs that company was built upon are in jeopardy. What the hell, what the hell does Dorian Lord know about managing a company?

Nora: I don't know the stocks have gone up.

Clint: Beginners luck. Look Nora. I'm going through with this! Steer clear of it if you don't like what you see! (Clint storms out of the room.)
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