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The Diva and the Cowboy; Chapter 81
Topic Started: Aug 25 2012, 12:43 PM (8,525 Views)
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Chapter 81
Final Chapter
Country Club

Right after Mark and Duke enter with all eyes on them, Viki enters, which raises the awareness of Clint and Dorian. Nash leaves his chair to greet Mark, Duke and Viki. He shakes hands with Mark and Duke and says, "Glad you could make it." Kevin is about to move toward them and Adriana pulls at his elbow and says, "Kevin, don't ruin the night for everybody." He looks at her and says, "I'm not. I just want to say hello to my mother." He leaves Adriana's side. Behind Viki, Jessica enters with Renee. Nash turns and smiles at seeing Jessica. They exchange a gaze.

Dorian and Clint approach Viki, who is being seated, while Nash walks toward Jessica. He stops her on the way to her seat and says, "I just want to say I love you." Jessica is choked up and says, "I love you, too." They hug.

Dorian (to Viki) says, "You had a lot to do with Jessica being here, didn't you?" Before sitting, Viki responds, "Jessica knew in her heart that this was important to her family. Family, (she looks at Clint) isn't that what's most important?" Dorian sighs. Clint replies, "Yes, it is. Thank you for your graciousness given the circumstances." Dorian asks, "Viki will you and Jessica join us at our table?" Viki has an annoyed expression before she replies, "OK Dorian, don't push your luck."

The attention of the guests is momentarily diverted as members of Country singers Rascal Flatt's band begin to play background music. Clint steps up to the microphone and simply says, "Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Rascal Flatt band." There is applause as the band members, minus the leads, nod and continue playing instruments.

Dorian glances at Clint, who seems to be in his element, surrounded by family and country music. She glimpses Viki with Kevin, who seems tipsy and then observes around the room to see Kelly with Blair, which makes her frown at Kelly's look of distress. Clint approaches Dorian and asks, "You happy?" She smiles and answers, "Yes." Clint responds, "Liar! We need harmony." He kisses her cheek and says, "Goin' to check on our lead entertainers." She nods, caresses his face before he leaves.

Cassie says "Hello" to Duke, who introduces her to Mark. He tells her that Mark is his lover. Kevin is within earshot and he immediately moves toward them to interject, "Yes, that's right. My son isn't interested in my wife. He's got a boyfriend!" Duke stands and speaks up. "That's right, Dad. Finally, I'm happy. Isn't that what you want?" Kevin looks at him for a while and then walks away. Mark takes Duke's hand as he sits.

Blair to Kelly comments, "I can't believe he's gay." Kelly remarks, "Kevin is making an absolute ass of himself over it." Blair replies, "Well he is a Buchanan." Kelly snaps, "Which means what exactly?" Blair answers, "Look, I'm not Kevin and there's no reason for you to get snippy with me." Kelly concedes, "You're right. This is Dorian's night. Let's not ruin it with attitude. How's Todd?"

Blair responds, "Believe it or not, Todd is with the kids tonight." Kelly questions, "No word on Margaret?" Blair answers, "No. I hope she's out of our lives for good." She sips her drink before she adds, "But something tells me we haven't seen the last of her."

Dorian greets RJ and Lindsay, who immediately notice Viki and Jessica near the main table. Lindsay asks, "How'd you manage that?" Dorian glances at the table and answers, "Diplomacy." RJ sees Miles Laurence and comments, "I heard he might be here. Is he an invited guest?" Dorian answers, "No. He's a rodent. I'll have security toss him out." Lindsay remarks, "Are you sure that's what Jessica would want?" Dorian raises a brow as she reconsiders. RJ comments, "I may have to try a little diplomacy of my own tonight." Dorian asks," Is he still trying to buy up all the properties on the Waterfront?" Lindsay, joins RJ at the elbow, as she replies, "Yes, he is, including Capricorn and the Gallery." RJ adds, "which we are resisting." Dorian comments, "Perhaps Mr. Laurence can be influenced by his niece." They watch as Jessica and Kevin approach Mark and Duke.

Kevin (distressed) says, "This is a do over. I'm not saying that I'm OK with this. But I've been made to see (glances at Jessica) that it's not my decision, decision to make-- is it? Your life, your partner, who you, who you, who you sleep with, I mean." Duke looks stunned by his father's seeming turnaround but replies, "No it's not." Jessica adds, "Kevin was reminded of what it was like for him when you were unconscious after falling from the horse." Mark comments, "Whatever the reason, we appreciate you meeting us half-way." Kevin sighs and then looks at his little sister who rubs his arm and has a pleasant smile. She says, "You know I kinda feel that Grandpa is here tonight." Duke stretches his eyes and blurts, "Asa?!" Jessica adds, "Yes, Asa Jeb Stuart Buchanan." Kevin sputters, "Jeb Stuart, maybe!" Mark frowns and comments, "I don't get it." Duke responds, "Just forget it." Kevin continues, "Yeah, yeah and you can stop now Jess! I don't think that Asa would be pleased about Clint and Dorian or any of this. In fact he'd probably hatch a scheme to try and change things."

Jess replies, "Maybe you're right."

Kevin acknowledges, "Me and everybody in this room knows I'm right." The music helps to drown out the conversation, which can only be heard by those closeby. "Asa would hate everything going on here tonight!"

Jessica retorts, "I guess I always saw that Grandpa loves us all despite our differences because we are his family."

Duke remarks, "He loved us but it was still Asa's way or the highway. He wasn't a man of tolerance. He and Grandpa didn't even speak to each other for most of their lives because Grandpa took up with Cord's mom."

Jess nods and says, "History reminds us not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Figure it out. I did." She glimpses Duke and Kevin before she walks away. She turns, takes a few steps and bumps into Miles Laurence. He introduces himself. She stares and he says, "I'm not my brother. I'm your uncle." She retorts, "and nothing to me," before she proceeds to her table. Kevin notices Mark's discomfort with Miles' nearby appearance. Kevin searches the room for Clint and spots his mother's watchful eyes and then he remarks, "I guess Jessica is selective when it comes to taking her own advice on family." Mark adds, "Or, just a good judge of character." Kevin gives him a suspicious look before he comments to Duke. "Son, I hope you know what you're doing. You'll, (burps) you'll excuse me."

Starr (seated next to Adriana) whispers, "Catastrophe avoided." Adriana says, "That's because Clint wasn't in the room." Clint returns. Starr adds, "and surprise--neither of my aunts interfered."

As the band ends it's first song, Dorian and Clint ask everyone in the room to raise their glasses. Nash stands at Clint and Dorian's side. Clint begins, "This toast." Dorian cuts in, "and the reason such distinguished friends and family are gathered here today." She beams with pride. Clint continues, "Well most of you know by now in this small town--we are proud to welcome into the Buchanan and Cramer families, our son, NASH Brennan BUCHANAN!" There is applause.

Many eyes in the room turn to Viki, who smiles gracefully. Nash and Jessica exchange a glance. Jessica and Viki appear hesitant with plastered smiles as they raise a glass to the son of Clint and Dorian. Dorian and Clint glance at Nash, who grins and appears slightly shy with his emotions. He watches Jessica and searches for a sign of acceptance. Nash says, "I-I don't know exactly what to say. For one thing (clears his throat) for one thing, there are people, people in this room who I have gotten to know since coming to Llanview." He looks at his parents. "There are people I have searched ..... People I know and respect and now I'm related to 'em. Clint has always treated me like a son." Natalie enters with Bo and Nora. "I'm a Buchanan. And Dorian, I'm getting to know." Dorian beams. "I'm seeing myself in her. My mother is persistence personafied. I'm reassured by her that I'm really important. She makes me feel that way at least." Dorian begins to tear up. He continues, "I'm proud of who I am. My family, I have a family. And, uh, to Jessica!" He turns to look at her with a raised glass and adds, "my son, Clinton--a Cramer, a Lord and a Buchanan. He connects us all, in spite of our history or maybe because of it. That's it." There is further applause. With an extended arm for introduction, Clint comments, "Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us as we welcome County music stars Jay DeMarcus, Joe Don Rooney and Gary LeVox--Rascal Flatts!" The performers enter with waves and smiles before they take position with the musicians. Lead singer Gary LeVox nods at the gathering before he takes to the microphone." He says, "Good Evening. Thank you. I'm honored to be here on this special occasion and for a good buddy of mine, Clint Buchanan. I'm going to get right down to business with a request by Clint." He turns to the band, " Guys."

Rascal Flatts--My Wish
Run time= 3:51

Clint spots Miles in the room and is immediately angered. Dorian notices and leans into Clint so that he kisses Dorian's cheek. She says, "Not now. Let's dance." He leads her in a dance and others including Nash and Jessica, RJ and Lindsay, Bo and Nora join them. Kevin dances with his mother. Duke stands and offers his hand to Mark before they continue on to the dance floor.

As the evening progresses and the guests eventually clear the room, Nash and Jessica approach Clint and Dorian. Clint hugs Jess and says, "I love you." She looks her father in the eyes and says, "I know." Dorian (to Nash) asks, "Was it that unbearable?" He answers, "No. It felt good to be surrounded by family." He glances at Jessica and adds, "On that note we're going home to see Clinton." Clint says, "You give that grandson of ours a kiss." Jess and Dorian exchange a glance before Dorian remarks, "Good night." The younger couple leaves and Clint takes Dorian into his arms. He says, "It's gone." She asks, "What's gone?" He replies, "That squiggly line in the middle of your brow. I didn't know if that was from worry or old age." She smacks him on the shoulder."Our troubles aren't over, you know." Clint agrees, "Oh hell no!" He gazes at her. "How is it possible for a cowboy to have a trouble-free life with an infuriating woman like Dorian Lord?" The waiter is about to take the last bottle of champagne before Clint stops him. Dorian frowns, which prompts Clint to point and retort, "Lines." She reacts, "Clint." He asks, "You tellin me you don't want a glass of champagne?" She remarks, "We're both exhausted and exhilarated. Champagne it is!" Clint suggests, "I'll hold ya up. Ssh! Hey, listen," as Alan Jackson's "Like Red on a Rose" begins to play. He pours a glass of champagne for her, she sips and then he does." He places the beverage on the table and they slowly dance.

Alan Jackson - Like Red On A Rose
Run time= 3:29
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